Sandra Bray

Author and Holistic Therapist




"I could move my shoulder freely after weeks of discomforting ache." (PJ)

"A long-term permanent ache in my ankle disappeared after two weeks." (DS)

"This is great to ease my aches and pains - it works." (HJ)

"My two Golden Retrievers are happier and calmer dogs after a healing session with Sandra." (C.J)

Natural and Vibrational Healing (NVH)

"I feel changes and various sensations in my body during a session. I feel safe, comfortable and completely relaxed." (NJ)

Just one session was so beneficial to my wellbeing." (FB)

"Pain relief in my shoulder occurred after just two sessions." (BS)

"I felt so much better after just one session." (AJ)

Indian Head Message

"A thoroughly relaxing experience. Recommended." (KE)

"The relief I felt in my shoulder muscles was of such benefit to me." (HH)

"All the tightness from my shoulders and neck disappeared." (MN)

"The most soothing hour, and beyond, I have had in a long time." (AE)

"A special treat, I really enjoyed it." (CR)