Sandra Bray

Author and Holistic Therapist

Reiki Healing For The Animals In Your life


Reiki is a simple holistic healing practice, being gentle, painless, non-invasive and stress-free for animals. It is a vibrational frequency which is readily understood and appreciated by our animal friends. It can restore harmony, increase vitality and help with any ailment, as well as support in terminal illness conditions to assist with a peaceful transition. Reiki relieves physical symptoms and works towards alleviating their underlying cause(s). It combines well with other healing and treatment modalities as well as following surgery or illness (under an Act of Law in the UK it is vital for professional veterinary advice and treatment to be sought should you have concerns for your animal friend). Reiki healing enhances our animal companion's emotional wellbeing by inducing relaxation. It can aid with the emotional healing for animals who have suffered trauma, neglect and fear. Our animal friends are our confidants and comforters enabling us to learn about unconditional love and commitment.

I very much enjoy channelling Reiki healing for our animal friends and of course offer Reiki healing for people also.

My two Golden Retrievers are happier and calmer dogs after a healing session with Sandra.



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