Sandra Bray

Author and Holistic Therapist

Natural and Vibrational Healing (NVH)


The universe is energy and we are part of this infinite sea of energy. NVH works to help create a sense of wellbeing and assist our bodies in a self-healing process. I use the energies of crystals, sound, colour, plant essences and Reiki to assist the body to self-heal by working in the energy fields (our aura). NVH is a non-invasive therapy and works with our energy fields which are constantly changing and can be affected by many factors including emotions, illnesses and events which can bring about blockages. These blockages can become stale and disrupt the flow of energy. NVH activates the self-healing process for energy to flow again to create a sense of wellbeing.

Pain relief in my shoulder occurred after just two sessions.

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