Sandra Bray

Author and Holistic Therapist



Odd Days of Heaven; more than 180 ways to lift your spirits

​If you feel that you've lost the joy or sparkle in your life then this book has been written for you. Perhaps you're just not sure where you're going these days or you've been shaken by a life-changing event. Perhaps you feel bewildered by the plethora of spiritual teachings on offer or you simply need to add a little bliss into your everyday routines.

I personally experienced several life crises and although my self-confidence was bruised I was determined not to be a ‘victim’ of my circumstances and instead decided to treat them as blessings in disguise and as a catalyst for positive change. This is exactly how we grow spiritually and also how we find the true joy of life.

At the time, I wished for a ‘guide book’ to help me in doing something new each day which I could use as a reservoir of insights and activities, ideas to expand my mind and reconnect me with others and with nature in celebration of this wonderful gift of life. But there wasn’t one… so I wrote Odd Days of Heaven!

In these pages, you will find nearly two hundred suggestions for activities, some brief and others deeper, which are sure to lift your spirits and give you a lighter step along your journey. One or two of them may even change your life entirely.

Odd Days of Heaven was published in November 2016 by Local Legend.

It is available to purchase through any High Street bookshop or online worldwide.​  An extract of Odd Days of Heaven can be read on Local Legend's website from November 2016 ( which provides a link to purchase from Amazon ( ​ISBN 978-1-910027-17-2

Purchase price: $13.00; £8.00; €9.50

​Even More Days of Heaven

This book is full of inspiration for those on a spiritual path, especially for those times when we feel unsure of the way forward. Every entry is an idea to pursue, a new project to undertake or a theme for meditation. My publisher believes it is an astonishing feat of research and of deep insight, being a sequel to Odd Days of Heaven and thus fulfilling a year of wisdom. The 180 suggested activities gently encourages a lifting of our spirits, thus enabling a lighter step on our journey.

An extract of Even More Days of Heaven can be read on Local Legend's website from November 2018 ( which provides a link to purchase from Amazon (

​ISBN 978-1-910027-27-1

Purchase price: $13.00; £8.00; €9.50

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